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VOESH Collagen Socks with Argan Oil + Floral Extracts

VOESH Collagen Socks with Argan Oil + Floral Extracts

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Indulge your clients in a unique pedi experience with our Voesh Deluxe Collagen Socks with Argan Oil.

Infused with vegan collagen, argan oil, and floral extracts, they make the perfect regimen for extremely dry, cracked hands making it an ideal add-on to any pedicure treatment!

Your client will experience deep hydration from our dual-layer moisturising collagen socks in as little as 15-minutes. Plus, its patented design features perforated tips to easily rip off and access toes so you can offer a nail colour at the same time!

  • Enriched with Collagen, botanic & essential ingredients
  • Reverse signs of ageing
  • 100% Triclosan Free

About Voesh: Voesh New York is a skincare brand committed to providing honest, natural, clean and ethical products. A brand that wants you to feel confident about what goes on your client's skin. It's a brand that delivers clean, sustainable, certified PETA and 100% vegan spa products using green chemistry. All products are intentionally formulated with good-for-you ingredients and proudly excludes all 1680+ EU banned ingredients, plus those additional 400+ questionable ingredients. Why? Because everyone deserves better beauty. Learn more about the Voesh in our Info Tab below.

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