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Handheld mini UV/LED Light

Handheld mini UV/LED Light

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Product name: nail lamp

Power: 3W

Curing type: phototherapy glue, nail polish, extension glue, etc.

Material: ABS

Product size: 15*5.7*4.1cm



1. Sunny nail dryer, comfortable eye contact, reduce burning sensation

2. Can quickly dry UV glue/extension glue/LED glue

3. Daylight nail art and phototherapy machine will not make your hands black or hurt

4. When the hand is placed on the nail lamp, the infrared sensor will automatically start

5. 18WLED, no dead zone, more freedom

Depending on the type of glue used, the user can choose different times

6. When the finger is inserted/extended, all LED lamp beads (including infrared lamp beads) will be on/off.

7. Not only for nails, but also for toes

8. Suitable for home and professional use

Package Included:

1 * nail lamp, 1 * USB charger, 1 * manual


Due to manual measurement, there may be an error of 1-2cm, please understand.


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