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The product adopts a flexible mobile design, which can be held with one hand, which is more convenient.
The 3 lamp beads are distributed in a straight line, and the dual light source is 180 degrees, which is convenient for a single finger to illuminate. The baking glue is more uniform, thorough, and will not be black hands.
There are two timing modes, which can be set as required. There are two timing modes of 30S and 60S, which can be set as required.
This product is specially designed for nails and can be used for most dry gels. It has excellent drying effect not only on nails but also on toenails. You can also enjoy the happy time of nail DIY at home.
It can be used to dry mainstream nail polish, nail polish, phototherapy glue, etc.
USB fast charging, built-in lithium battery, you can perform nail art anytime, anywhere.
Small and light, easy to operate and easy to carry.
Suitable for families.

Portable Rechargeable Cordless mini LED light